Website Design & Development


In EntréSoft we understand the need and demand for new software and web applications. Therefore, Entré has the software division to support all of our customers and improve their operations and management process. Following are some of our services that we offer:

Website Design

Responsive Design

We design websites for all types of businesses, individuals, and non-profits. We take the time to sit down and talk with each client and find out exactly what they need for their website to accomplish their vision. We then design a beautiful looking site that meets each clients individual needs. Every site is unique and is created using the latest design and web standards. 

Websites are designed to be mobile, friendly and responsive. This means that the website will look and work great on mobile devices and any size screen! This is important because of the vast variety of devices that are connected to the internet. 




Web Technologies

Website Services

We do more than just design websites. We can also update, repair, add new content, and much more! If something needs to be done on a website, we can help. 

  • Website Design and programming using PHP,, Ajax, CSS, JQ, JS

  • Website Maintenance

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Website Moves

  • Wordpress Setup & Configuration

  • Fix Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues

  • Content Migration

  • Password Recovery

  • Website Hosting

  • Domain & DNS Management

Secure web applications for file uploading and transferring services to the FTP servers or to the database


We offer fully customized applications for file transferring services based on or PHP program language. We can customize the design based on your needs and view.


MS Dynamics CRM Setup and Customization

CRM Dynamics is very powerful web application that will help you manage your organization and improve your Customer Relationship Management by sharing all the information that you need with your team, improve your operations and team work.



  • Setup and fully customize CRM to match your needs.

  • We build applications and customize events using JS and

  • Advanced Workflows and CRM management.

Sharepoint Development

SharePoint is the best way to share documents with all the employees inside a specific company or other customers. Many amazing features that will help everybody to cooperate and work together as one team such as, calendars, personal sites, shared documents, discussion boards, and many others.


We offer Sharpoint setup and fully customize service to match your needs and to improve your operations.

Online Applications to manage organizations such as non-profit, small, and medium businesses.

Are you looking for your own online management system?


You are at the right place, we can always support you by advanced solutions to manage your internal and external work based on high level programming that contains PHP and as needed.

System Analysis


We can take a look at your business and develop a system analysis document, that will help any software engineer to design the right application to match your needs.

Phone Applications to improve productivity.

Looking for a phone application?


In EntréSoft we have the ability to build any phone application based on IOS or Andriod as needed.

And much more! Contact Entré today and find out how we can make your website dreams a reality.