Some local IT companies promote a Flat Fee approach to pricing as a way to save on IT costs.  They suggest that by incorporating a flat fee model into your business, ultimately your organization will lower annual costs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  These companies are in business to make money.  Either they won’t supply the labor when you need it or they try to walk you through your problems over the phone.  In short, they won’t lose money on the contract and will find a way so they don’t have to provide the technological resources to mitigate issues within your business.

We believe that our discounted, use as you go pricing will save your company money because you only use technical time when you need it.  For new companies that have not worked with Entré, we personally believe your technical support should decrease over time as your network stabilizes.  Companies that have used Entré for years agree with our approach and pay only for the time needed – when they need it.

We have a local dispatch team you can call or email and a remote monitoring service which helps us proactively identify issues prior to a possible disruption in your business.  We have customers who have purchased a block of time from us several years ago.  Those customers still have their prepaid time on account and are free to use it whenever the need arises.

Entré works with you and your staff to negate the need for technical support whenever possible, but when you do need help, we’ll be there.

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