Entré NetMonitor

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Entré NetMonitor is powered by the best-in-class, industry leading program with the most robust tools for remote monitoring. IT Managers stay ahead with automated monitoring of availability, performance, and user-experienced problems. Fix issues quicker with timely information on system status, allowing you to stop small problems before they become costly disasters. Don't have an IT Manager? You can rely on Entré to monitor your reports. We'll alert you of potential problems and offer solutions to resolve them.

Managed Services

Entré Computer Solutions is a recognized CompTia Managed Services Trustmark Organization

Entre Computer Solutions Earns CompTIA Certification

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Proactive Monitoring

Entré NetMonitor helps you to protect your systems, minimize down time and keep your business running. Monitoring the health and availability of your servers and workstations, Entré uses detailed reports to analyze risks, highlight potential threats and enhance the performance of your network. NetMonitor gives you the piece of mind that Entré is providing timely information, in a proactive manner. 

Automated Updates & Patches

Entré NetMonitor gives you the ability to manage and install software patches and updates consistently and efficiently, minimizing the interruption to the work day!  Automated patch management available on Microsoft products and most 3rd party software suites allows for a scheduled, automated installation of patches and updates installed at a time convenient to you. Ensure servers and workstations are on the most up-to-date versions of Anti-virus definitions, Java and Adobe suites are being installed correctly and Microsoft Security patches are completed when critical. Receive a detailed monthly report on all missing, pending and installed updates providing that the current state of your network is on point.

Help Desk Support

Entré NetMonitor provides you and your organization a devoted support line tuned in to your network. Monitoring your site from our office in Machesney Park, Entré Computer Solutions Help Desk Technician can provide quick, efficient support to you through remote access into both servers and workstations to help mitigate issues in a timely manner. Monday through Friday 8 to 5 personal help desk support by our dedicated NetMonitor Help Desk Technicians  is only a phone call away.