Entré Managed Services

Managed Anti-Virus Solutions from Entré Computer Solutions

Entré NetMonitor Managed Antivirus offers you highly effective virus protection with very low impact on system resources.  Entré NetMonitor Antivirus is deployed and configured to all devices with just a few clicks from your dashboard - easy!  You can migrate from another Antivirus vendor really fast using the FREE Competitive Agent Removal Tool (CART) from Entré.  It automatically removes existing Antivirus agents from devices (where supported) when you install the tool. Available as a per device per month option when using Entré NetMonitor proactive service, Entré NetMonitor Antivirus provides you with a managed solution for the health and security of your networks devices.

Managed AV Settings

Benefits of Entré Managed Anti-Virus

  • Based on award-winning Bit Defender Antivirus Business

  • Quickly and easily deploy, configure and manage

  • Monitor your AV status from the Entré NetMonitor Dashboard

  • Reduce workload – automatic (or manual) remedial action to threats from the NetMonitor Dashboard

  • Automated reporting for threats found on your network

  • Receive alerts when a virus is detected

Offsite Backup Solutions from Entré

Reliable, automatic and ultra-secure, this hosted offsite backup solution is ready to use alongside your existing remote monitoring and management solution. Easy to deploy, configure and manage, Entré NetMonitor Backup Solutions provide from robust online backup service and Disaster Recovery Plan with both local and offsite Datacenter storage solutions. Pay only for the storage you need with an automated report on your current backup status provides you with a low labor, low maintenance backup solution fully monitored by Entré.  Entré NetMonitor Backup is a fast set-and-forget service. No more tape drives, no more manual backup routines. No more missed backups!

Offsite Backup Solutions

Managed Print Solutions from Entré

Managed Print Services (MPS) help you focus on managing your business while we manage your printers. Entré Computer Solutions Managed Print Program partners with HP to provide a complete and affordable solution to managing and improving your current printing environment regardless of manufacturer. With cost per page pricing, no minimum page requirement per month and proactive maintenance agreement for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplies and parts, Entré and HP can help you lower the cost of internal printing and remove the burden of printer support from your employees and your internal IT.

MPSCostsQuarterly Business Reviews

Manage, optimize and improve your current printing environment with detailed reporting.

Utilization & Trend Reporting

Detailed snapshot of your environment illustrating how devices are being used helps you lower the cost of internal printing. Remove the burden of printer support from your employees, especially your overburdened IT department.


Automatic Toner Replenishment

Automatic Toner Replenishment (ATR) is a service delivery mechanism contractually available in conjunction with Entre Computer Solutions Managed Print offering. This service utilizes remote monitoring software to report current supply status levels to a central database maintained by HP personnel. The central database processes remote monitoring data and applies historical supply consumption algorithms to determine the estimated days remaining for each toner cartridge.