Cabling & Networking Services

Cabling Before and After



Computer cable nightmare? Entré Computer Solutions can organize and label your spaghetti closet into a streamlined cabling system that's efficient and effective. Proactively Save time and money by having Entré's professionals rework cabling issues now.

Whether our client's have a small office requiring a few additional drops or they need an entirely new infrastructure, the Entré cabling professionals can provide a quick and accurate job.

Entré can provide an entirely new infrastructure in a variety of cabling schemes using Cat5, Cat6, and fiber optic installations.


Ready to go wireless? Entré can perform a wireless survey, determining the best place to position access points to create a  robust wireless network. Entré will also work to ensure the wireless network is installed securely and protected from unwanted users and threats.

Local Area Networks

The Entré Cabling Division has the expertise and experience needed to work on any cabling project. We are versed on a variety of topologies and cabling schemes. Whether our client's have a small office requiring a few additional drops or they need an entirely new infrastructure, the Entré cabling professionals can provide a quick, professional job.

As part of the installation, all cabling is tested and certified so client's networks remain up and running after we have completed the job.

Wide Area Networks

Let Entré Computer Solutions -  in partnership with CISCO - get your business connected to the internet. We can provide a turnkey solution utilizing wireless, DSL, T1, or dial-up methods.