Wireless Point to Point Technology

PTP ProfileInterconnectivity is paramount to our modern digital age and is an essential component for any well run organization. Traditional cable and fiber can be time consuming to install and expensive to utilize. Current telephone company offerings are not always able to meet the needs of an organization, especially across multiple locations and remote sites.

Our Wireless Point-to-Point solutions offer significant cost savings and performance gains. Utilizing years of on-site experience, our team can implement a secure and robust solution that offers 99.99% network availability, while eliminating monthly leased-line costs. No other network solution offers a better return on investment, in addition to increased reliability, performance, and cost savings.




Supported Wireless Products

Tower Maintenance & Support

Technician Climbing TowerEntré's Wireless Technicians also work on wireless towers. Our experienced technicians can repair a variety of wireless related issues as well as perform minor structural tower maintenance. Safety is very important and our Technicians have obtained their ComTrain Authorized Climber/Rescuer certification.