Barracuda Networks


Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall

Barracuda Spam FirewallThe Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall is a comprehensive email security solution that blocks malware attacks while providing the extra features needed to ensure business continuity – at one affordable price.

Barracuda Backup Service

If left unchecked, the data your organization stores will grow until your storage and staff can no longer handle it. Instead of paying for more storage and overtime, use the Barracuda  Backup to reduce your organization’s data to a fraction of its current volume and manage the flow of new data needing storage. To discover how you can transparently reduce data storage, it first helps to understand your data.

Barracuda Web Filter

Barracuda Web FilteringFor today’s connected business, constant interaction with online resources and applications is a simple necessity—despite the risks of lost productivity, wasted bandwidth, and data loss. The Barracuda Web Filter lets organizations enjoy the benefits of web connectivity without the risks.

Barracuda Link Balancer

As data traffic grows exponentially – and organizations grow ever more dependent on continuous connectivity – the ability to intelligently and dynamically balance traffic across multiple Internet links is critical to efficiently maintain day-to-day operations. The Barracuda Link Balancer deploys transparently in front of legacy firewalls that cannot handle such requirements.

Barracuda Firewall

Barracuda FirewallFor comprehensive visibility into network and user activity - and protection from modern attacks – the Barracuda Firewall provides advanced next-generation firewall capabilities, while optimizing performance with cloud-based content security.

Barracuda SSL VPN Appliance

Your army of road warriors and remote workers require a quick, flexible, reliable and completely secure way to connect to your internal enterprise applications, information and network resources. They want to do this from anywhere in the world, at any time and from any suitable device. The Barracuda SSL VPN provides the security and connectivity to deliver this access, via a web browser or virtually any mobile device.

Barracuda Message Archiver

Accessing and efficiently storing email are key needs of any organization, but are often quite challenging for IT. The Barracuda Message Archiver enhances user productivity and reduces cost and risk by simplifying user access, email management, and eDiscovery/compliance.