A Word from Our Clients

At Entré Computer Solutions we value the opinion of our clients. Here are just a few testimonials from clients we have had the privilege of doing business with over the years.

  • Mike Heitzman is the BEST!!!  Don't ever let him retire.

  • Dustin BlakeMegafab

    It's been a pleasure working with Entré. Service has been top notch. That doesn't go unnoticed. I appreciate the follow-up!

  • The migration of our new server was virtually seamless. The few issues that arose were handled very quickly & proficiently.

  • Our company recently installed the Navori system to help us better communicate with our employees. Entre’ did a great job of supporting the system and the startup and made it easy to get going.  It takes me less than 5 minutes a day to do this [update the player] and is very much appreciated by our employees.

  • Mark Ticknor | CFO, VP of FinanceWesley Willows

    The most important factor for me is that I am assured that Entré knows what is going on with our network on a 24/7 basis, and addresses items before I am aware. Prior to NetMonitor, server reboots were necessary at times, not only causing network downtime but uncertainty as to why servers were going down. We are also confident that our 70 network PCs are constantly monitored and issues are addressed long before they become serious causing downtime.

  • Austin Larson | Custom Map Specialist/GIS Map TechRockford Map Publishers

    Entre’s NetMonitor service allows us to be proactive in making our hardware and software decisions. Immediate alerts give us the information we need to promptly uncover an issue and implement an efficient and effective solution. Knowing that our server is being monitored around the clock gives us peace of mind and allows us to spend more time on our customers.

  • Jimmy GrubbNOWCARE Dixon

    Entre's Net Monitor is a vital system that keeps NowCare one step ahead.  Whether it's scheduled maintenance, maintaining proper and effective backups, or bridging NowCare's infrastructure to another vendor's, ENM gives us the ability to aggressively continue pursuing our goals without having to second guess or worry that our systems will support our current needs and any additional needs in the future.  In addition to the numerous capabilities the ENM software brings, the team that deploys and runs it is even more impressive.  We've found Aaron McDonald to be very professional, helpful, and willing to help in any manner he can.  We also appreciate that if Aaron doesn't know an answer, he will seek out help from the various experts that Entre has in-house.  NowCare is very grateful for Entre & Net Monitor because it allows us to focus solely on our patients/customer's needs because Entre has fulfilled ours.

  • Michelle Gerke | Administrative Services CoordinatorByron Forest Preserve

    I like NetMonitor because it allows Entré to be aware of potential issues before it even affects us.   It’s a very proactive approach to handling IT issues, really before they even become issues to the customer!

  • Cathy Crandall | Materials ManagerCrandall Stats & Sensors

    We have been extremely happy with your services and personnel!

  • Jeff Kuhnen | IT Support ManagerKomax Systems Rockford

    Our server would not boot after a normal maintenance reboot at lunchtime and Entré responded quickly with a replacement power supply. Although the power supply was not the problem in the end, the Tech contacted HP to troubleshoot and our system board was replaced yesterday.

    It really is a pleasure working with everyone at Entre and their Tech displayed a few of the reasons why when we needed the immediate support!

  • Thanks for the great job that you guys do for us!

  • We had an outage today. Within 5 minutes we had a call from Entre to check on us. I say, “ Now that’s what I’m talking about” ! Jan said, “It’s good to know they have our back”! Thank you and your Team!
    We are extremely happy with the service we get from ENTRE!

  • Phil ThompsonSpectrum Agency

    Just wanted to let you and the rest of the Net Monitoring team know how much we appreciate the service. We recently had two drives begin to degrade about a week apart. Both times you folks let us know before we even realized anything was wrong. Hot swappable drives were brought out and replaced with absolutely no downtime for our organization. In the old days, we would have been looking at least a half day downtime per drive.
    The other thing we love about Net Monitoring is the usefulness for our Durand location. Most problems can be fixed remotely, and we no longer have to pay for a techs travel time!

  • Josh MiddletonLanair Products


    No worries at all! I’m just glad you guys are on top of it because otherwise I’d have NO CLUE this was even an issue.

    Let me just say that every time We overcome a technical obstacle with you guys at our side, I’m more and more relieved we selected Entre as our IT Partner!

    You guys have greatly reduced the number of times I encounter near-heart-attack-inducing panic & stress at work, and this type of proactive approach to these issues is exactly why we need you! In this case, I’m 100% confident that we’d have not discovered it was an issue until it was “too late”.

    I simply cannot stress enough how much we appreciate you guys being on top of things like license renewals, potential hardware failures and support agreements, security certificate issues, critical software updates, and other issues I would otherwise surely let slip on my own. One-man-shops like ours benefit A LOT from a team “cracking the whip” so we don’t fall behind. I hope you continue to keep this element of your business practice for many years to come ( or … preferably at least until I’m retired)!

    Thanks for everything you do!

  • Amanda Fitch | Director of Office OperationsLifescape Community Services, Inc.

    Good afternoon,

    The management team at Lifescape would like to recognize Jason Siemens as being valuable and integral to the operations of the agency. Jason is always easy to contact and his quick response times ensure that our IT operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently with minimal down time. Jason is extremely knowledgeable and is able to troubleshoot our issues efficiently and effectively.

    There have been several occasions when Jason went above and beyond by responding to our calls after hours or during his vacations. We know that we can always count on Jason to help us out in an emergency.

    You may be aware that Lifescape has greatly expanded its IT infrastructure within the last couple of years and Jason has played a vital role in this. We have acquired two additional locations within the last two years and Jason’s help with getting the IT infrastructure set-up at these locations has been invaluable.

    Lifescape greatly appreciates all of Jason’s hard work and dedication!


    Amanda Fitch
    Director of Office Operations
    Lifescape Community Services, Inc.

  • Hi Mike,

    When Sean left yesterday. Everything was running great. He narrowed the problem down to our TimeTrax , time and attendance program.
    Sean was phenomenal in getting to the bottom of the problem.

    I want you to know that we appreciate the prompt good service that you have provided to us for the last 14 years.
    Thank you Mike,

    Trina L. Green

    Your help was KEY to making this change possible.
    We appreciate your assistance and it won’t be forgotten.

  • Thanks for always taking such good care of us, Beth! We love working with you!!

  • Monica A. Krystopa | Director of AdvancementKeith Country Day School

    As always Entre comes through with the best solutions! I love working with a company that places a premium on customer service and then exceeds my expectations. We appreciate all that Entre does for Keith School. Working with Cathy Niliaram is always a pleasure.

  • Rick Zumwalt | PresidentRockford Area Chamber of Commerce


    Again I needed your crew to bail me out and again they did a great job.

    After fighting a printer problem for too long, I called for help this afternoon. Within an hour or so the tech was at my home and the problem was fixed in a very reasonable amount of time.

    Thanks for running a company who cares about customers both big and small.

    Rick Zumwalt

    P.S. As usual the tech was personable and professional.
    Chris Owens assisted me this time.

  • Gerald J. Buttice | Controller/IT ManagerLarson & Darby Group

    Wanted to take a minute to thank you both for another WONDERFUL evening with your staff and Rockford’s Ice Hogs! Crystal and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, again, and she is excited to have our first “bags” party! Yes, we uncrated them first thing in the morning! :)

    Thanks to your staff for keeping us company, and especially to those “young’ns” for carrying that box all the way to our truck in the garage across the street! They saved this old guy’s back! LOL

    Your staff, their knowledge and support, and the way you always give back to your customers is just a part of what makes you stand so tall above all the rest. Thanks again to you both!

  • Sam BasileTREKK

    Thank you for all your help this morning.  David was able to work with Barracuda to get us running again.  Internet access is very critical to our business.  We were really handcuffed without access.

Training Testimonials

  • Tina Sheldon | Information Technology DepartmentMcHenry County

    The TRAINING is going AWESOME!  Frank is doing a great job!