HP Certified Gold PartnerHP Gold Preferred Partners have met the most rigorous HP criteria and training to provide our clients with complete, customized solutions. HP Gold Preferred Partners work hand-in-hand with HP to ensure we have access to the most advanced technology and the best return for our client's IT investment.

Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets

HP Desktops Laptops & Tablets The HP Elite series. The business PCs you can trust.

Why do so many of the world’s leading businesses demand HP Elite series PCs? Because every HP Elite PC is built to give your business an advantage. They’re thinner, lighter, tougher, and faster, so you can work smarter. They deliver advanced security you can bet your business on. And HP’s Elite Premium Support keeps everyone up and running.

 All HP Products

As an HP Gold Partner, Entré has access to the latest in Laptops and Tablets, Business Desktop Computers and Servers - all in the right size and type to fit client's business needs.


HP ServerHP delivers superior server choice that can reliably support any workload. Our commitment to focused innovation allows HP Server customers to do more with less. We bring it all together through HP services, support and consulting and a broad network of partners, delivering a world-class server experience to your business.

Uninterrupted Power Sources

HP UPSAn erratic power supply with looming blackouts and/or brownouts threatens business continuity, but growing organizations like yours cannot afford to take chances. Any downtime means a loss in productivity, lowered customer confidence, and a decline in revenue. So how does your organization overcome this problem? Adopt HP Tower Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) to protect your equipment and critical data against unexpected power disruptions. The HP Tower UPS provides reliable power protection with clean, uninterrupted power for servers, storage, computer equipment, and network environments.

More Products from HP

HP Store Easy

HP StoreEasy brings you optimized, efficient, secure and highly available storage that simply addresses file and application storage challenges, no matter the size of your business. Straightforward features and new enhancements mean simpler installation and simpler monitoring of utilization and health status. 

HP Store Virtual

Highly versatile, HP StoreVirtual Storage offers both hardware platforms and software-defined storage solutions to meet the fluctuating demands and growth of your virtual environment. The all-inclusive enterprise-level feature set delivers on all fronts—from high availability to ease of management. Scale from VSA to rack or blades as your business grows, or use a combination of platforms leveraging the same features, same management and same ease of use.

 HP 3Par StoreServ

HP 3PAR StoreServ offers a primary storage platform for the future, today—including the all-flash HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 Storage array. Get all the benefits of flash storage without the compromises. Respond to demands with the agility and efficiency of 3PAR StoreServ’s single interoperable set of Tier-1 data services.

 HP ProCurve Networking & Wireless LAN

Without question, wireless LAN (WLAN) access is available in nearly every work environment. We simply want and need to stay connected-everywhere. All the time.

Your users need the ability to access the network and associated services from wherever they are-regardless of connection method-wired or wireless. With HP FlexNetwork wireless LAN solutions, your organization gains a reliable, flexible, agile and unified network that can help you enjoy the productivity, cost and innovation benefits of a mobile-centric world.