Entré’s Veterans


Michael Bright

I enlisted in the U.S Air force in 2008.  I attended technical training at Keesler AFB in Biloxi Mississippi.  There I received training in electronics and Cisco networking.  After Keesler I was sent to Cannon AFB, Clovis NM.  There I joined the network infrastructure shop.  We maintained the base switched network consisting of some 300+ nodes.  I spent one tour in Afghanistan attached to the U.S. Army.  In late 2012 I left the active duty Air force and returned home to Winnebago IL.

Tony Celletti

Tony Went to Basic Training at Fort Jackson South Carolina in 1985, after graduating from Basic Training, he was assigned to his training unit at Fort Gordon Georgia where he spent 6 months learning how to maintain The Army Combat Computer System (TACCS) upon completion of his training he spent another 6 months at Fort Gordon on a temporary duty assignment doing real world tests of the TACCS, he left Fort Gordon for his permanent duty station, Fort Hood Texas and was assigned to the MISO (Management Information Systems Office) of the 13th Support Command, where he was responsible for maintaining all of the PCs on the southern half of the post, and left the Army in 1990

Ryan Connor

Ryan went to boot camp in October of 2001 at MCRD, California then to 29 Palms, California for schooling. He was then stationed in Camp Lejeune in 2002 with 1st Battalion 8th Marines Weapons Company 2nd Marine Division. Rayan’s first deployment was in 2003 with the 26th MEU on the USS Iwo Jima. 2 deployments in Iraq. Once to Irbil, Iraq and Mosul, Iraq in 2003 apart of the 26th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) to secure their airport. Once in 2004 to Haditha Dam, Iraq to secure the city. And then to drove to Fallujah, Iraq to clear the city house by house. There are now several documentaries and books about Operation Phantom Fury, one of the biggest battles since Hue City Vietnam. Also as part of the 26th MEU deployed to Liberia to remove Charles Taylor from presidency in 2003.

Also as part of the 26th MEU Ryan went to; Rota, Spain; traveled through the Straight of Gibraltar; Dijbouti, Africa; Malta (Island south of Sicily) Crete, Greece; Albania, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Kuwait.

Medals and Ribbons Ryan have earned: Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, Iraq Campaign Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (2nd awd) Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Nation Defense Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

Barrett Cowan

Barrett entered the Army as a Private (E-1) and went through Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC. Moved on to Advance Individual Training (AIT) for my job Signal Support System Specialist (25U) at Fort Gordon, GA.  He served from May 2004 through September 2009.  He was then transferred to Fort Hood, TX as a permanent duty station within the 4th Infantry Division.  His responsibilities included all signal (radio) communication equipment but also IT, as his section (S6) incorporated all levels of communication specialties (Computers, Networking, Servers, Phones, etc.).

He was deployed to Iraq in 2006 (OIF IV – V), and served as a convoy team that secured VIPs through the Baghdad and surrounding areas. When not running convoys, he was stationed on Forward Operating Base (FOB) Union III and provided security for the court house, within the compound, holding the Saddam Hussein trails.

Upon return to Fort Hood, his unit was reflagged under the 1st Calvary Division and he was Stop Lossed to be redeployed to Iraq in 2008 (OIF VI). In his second tour, he was responsible for training the Iraqi Army and was stationed in many different areas around Iraq. His platoon ended up in the South East region in Iraq to provide show of force on the Iranian border.

On return to state side, he successfully completed his military contract and left the Army as a Sergeant (E-5).

Jeff Alleman

Joined the US Navy in January 12, 1982. Spent 3 months basic training in Orlando Fla. Went to A school training for Machinist Mate in Great Lakes. Was assigned to the USS Merrimack AO-179 in Norfolk VA where I spent the rest of my time until I was honorably discharged on January 11, 1986. Got “Blue Nose” Certificate for going into the arctic ocean, also received a “Shellback” Certificate for going across the Equator. Received Good Conduct, Expeditionary Force medals.

Something not really military career related, but saw a live show of the Bob Hope Christmas special on an Aircraft Carrier in Israel.

Aaron Luebke

Aaron joined the US Air Force in 1977. He received tech training at Keesler Air Force Base in Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Counter Measure (ECM). He was assigned to Clark AFB, Republic of the Philippines from 1978 – 1980. He finished his Navy career at Elgin AFB, Florida from 1980-1981.

Eric McCord

Eric joined the Air Force in 2005, completing Basic Training at Lackland AFB, TX.He graduated from Keesler AFB, MS in 2006 as a Computer, Network, and Cryptogical Switching Systems Technician (2E2X1). His first assignment was with the 373rd Support Squadron, Misawa AB, Japan, maintaining intelligence systems and fabricating RF cables. Following his tour in Japan, he was stationed at McGuire AFB, NJ (now Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.). He was assigned to the 819th Global Support Squadron, 621st Contingency Response Group, 621st Contingency Response Wing. He was deployed to the Dominican Republic after the earthquake that devastated neighboring Haiti in 2010. Eric worked with the Small Package Initial Communications equipment. He provided assistance for SPICE teams that deployed to Pakistan and exercises in North Carolina, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and other locations. Eric earned the rank of Staff Sergeant and was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal as well as the Joint Service Achievement Medal.


Values: There is no better country in this world than the United States. Our constitution and bill of rights gives us liberty’s that no other country has. We need to keep them close to our heart and live by them every day. Treat everyone like you would like to be treated with respect and dignity.